In One Ear and Into Someone Else’s

I think everyone in my school, worth talking about, has been talked about. I mean the nerdy girl in the front row of the class won’t be talked about but the drug addict and nympomanic in the back row will be. It’s just common sense. I think that some people even cause some of their problems so that people do talk about them. I have always kind of been friends with the same group of people because at first, all of our parents were friends and then we became just as close, if not closer, but we still have all been given the cold shoulder because of a rumor, true or not.

The reason I bring this up is because just today one of my best friends confided a secret in me that our other best friend’s famous sister is going to rehab for a drug problem. I told her to not spread that anymore but of course I wanted to know more. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I felt so bad for her sister, my friend, and the rest of my friend’s family, but gossip is gossip and I was glad to know. I am not one to spread gossip but I think most girls are get giddy when someone tells us a rumor that we already know. The point to all this is now the girl with the sister and a few of other people are really really mad at the girl who told me. I think getting angry with gossip is totally hypocritical. Gossip is everywhere. It’s in US Magazine, it’s being spread in classrooms, at parties, in the girl’s bathroom. I bet everyone has contributed a bit to gossip. But about my friends, I’m not on any sides because if I was , I could be the next victim of these rumors.


Sort of disappointed

Tonight is my last night to really party hard and what am I doing? I am sitting in my room at 11:15 getting ready for bed. I hate how unpredictable boys can be. My friends and I had a holiday party which was really fun, mainly because I got to wear a new dress. Anyway we all don’t get along very well so it was very awkward. But we were supposed to meet up with our guy friend but he never answered his phone. So since the party was dying down we all left and now here I am. I don’t know what’s so hard with charging your phone so it’s on or just telling me he didn’t want to hang out.

Most of the time I feel like guys are the ones sending mixed messages and don’t say what they feel. If I like someone I show it and the other way around as well. With guys you never know! Maybe it’s just the guys I know.



Unlike ‘The City’ makes it seem, the New York cliques are not based on money or status. Some might be like the ladies who lunch or maybe the Bronx kids because no one wants to venture out there who lives in Manhattan. New York groups aren’t based on style either. One thing is true that ‘The City’ illustrates and that is everyone knows everyone. Wheither he’s a childhood friend from preschool or a past boyfriend or just a guy who you think you might have met one drunken night or even a friend of a friend of a friend, you end up knowing everyone. I can’t go ten blocks – uptown or downtown – without saying hello someone.

I know everyone I know through my friends and family and also modeling. Family introduce me to the uptight brunch type who are all ages from my age to my parents age. Friends introduce me to other private school kids who we have known since fifth grade when we all started having Goddard Gaieties Dances. Modeling introduces me to older models who club-hop everyday of the week, when they don’t have a Missoni campaign the next day. 

I always assume New York is such a huge city but really we are all just stranded on this little island.


Shop till you drop

I hope all you have been enjoying my blog. Any suggestions or comments are greatly apperciated. Here are my recent purchases. I bought some two days ago and some of this yesterday. Click on the picture to see my caption and to see the article of clothing closer.


Back again

I’m really happy to received such positive feedback! Thanks everyone!

I love not having school because I am on Winter Vacation and then my modeling agency has taken a few weeks off around now too due to the holidays. Ever since I was thirteen I have kept an in-depth planner. It has served as a sort of diary because I can look back and remember what I’ve done and who with just like a diary’s purpose.

This past week has been mostly just family time. This year we went to Jamaica with my family right after school ended and then came back right before Christmas. I always am in the city for Christmas. I love the joy that only comes once a year to New York. After , all my friends also came back from their summer houses in Hamptons and Connecticut and back from beach resorts. Now we are all in the city together and it’s amazing not having to do anything but hang out with friends. I had been with my best friend for about 62 hours before I just came home alone. I slept at her house and then we spent the whole day shopping and then she would come to my house and then shop some more the next day. The sales at my favortie stores (Barneys and Intermix) are so amazing that after going one day we had to go again the next. I recommend everyone to run over to Intermix right now if you can. 

I don’t only shop and sleep in New York but just today, two of my best friends and I sat in the Starbucks and people-watched as we drank our frappuccinos. It was nice to catch up, plus today was so warm out that we walked from Bloomies all the way to the 86th street movie theater to watch a movie before we all had to part. I’m really looking forward to this week too. I’m planning on having a spa day on Monday and then Tuesday meeting up with my best guy friend. Then Wednesday is New Years, which I am super excited for because I am going downtown with about twenty of my friends to this senior’s party. It should be really really fun because I think that a few celebrities are performing. I’ll write all about it later. After New Years, I’ll be only a few days away from the end of all this fun. After huge holiday/we-just-want-an-excuse-to-party parties on Friday night and Saturday night, school starts again that week.

I’m planning on writing a post tomorrow about my recent purchases and also what I don’t have yet but am lusting over. Until next time…


First Post

I’m sure at this point no one wil be reading but I have to start somewhere. I have lived in New York City all my life. I have moved from downtown to uptown to midtown but have always stayed in my Manhattan. I also have gone to that same all-girls private school from Pre-K to now. It’s just like Gossip Girls, I guess, but more drama – if you can imagine! I have barely had any changes in my life. My school and home have stayed the same, my friends have stayed the same for the most part, my family has stayed the same, but the only two differences are these: modeling and parties.

About a year or two ago, I began modeling with one of the greatest modeling agencies in the world. I’m really really into fashion and I want to be an actress when I ‘grow up‘ so I thought modeling would expose me to some of the same things that acting might. Anyway, I sent in some photos and about a week later I was asked to come in. Legitimately the moment I walked out, my mother, who I was with, got a call from the agent I meant with asking me to come back upstairs and sign. I was so astonished and thrilled I hurried back up to sign with the agency of my dreams.

The second thing I said that has changed is the parties. When I was ten years old, a party was going to the Plaza Hotel and having tea in the suite. But now parties, include other beverages besides tea and the location is a lot less conservative. I’ll write about all my crazy escapades in posts to come.

Please stay tuned to read more and spread the word about my blog.

xx NYY (New York Youth)